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Many homeowners are not aware that insurance companies only provide you with a small window of time (usually no more than 6 months) to file an insurance claim and complete a roof replacement in Gainesville, GA and Metro Atlanta. If you fail to file a roof replacement insurance claim quickly, in most cases, your insurance policy will not cover the cost of the replacement. Having Chapman Roofing Company on your side guarantees that your claim will be filed correctly and the work done properly. We are GAF Certified and are happy to provide you with a FREE roof replacement estimate in Gainesville, GA and Metro Atlanta. Contact us today to schedule your free roof inspection.

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Roof Replacement in Gainesville, GA & Metro Atlanta

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Step 1: Roof Inspection

Chapman Roofing Company will arrive promptly for your roof inspection appointment. We will first perform a structural inspection to make sure your roof is safe and secure. Then we will perform a material inspection of your shingles, followed by an interior inspection to identify any damage or problem areas for preventative maintenance that aren't visible outside.

While our inspector is on you roof, we will also look at the condition of your soffit, fascia, and gutters. If you have any skylights, chimneys, or vents, we’ll check the grout, seals, and exterior for any signs of damage to these systems. For a free roof replacement inspection in Gainesville, GA or Metro Atlanta, Contact Chapman Roofing Company today!

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Step 2: Contacting Your Insurance Company

After we have completed your roof inspection, we will discuss any problems we have identified and then assist you with the insurance claim process. If you have already tried filing a roof replacement claim beforehand and were denied, not to worry, we are denied claim specialists and can assist in dealing with your insurance company. We can provide emergency roof tarping, public adjuster insurance claim services and total roof replacement and storm damage restoration.

For Insurance Roof Replacement Services in Metro Atlanta and Gainesville, GA Contact Chapman Roofing Company today!

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Step 3: Complete New Roof Installation

Once your roof replacement claim has been approved by your insurance company, we will begin the process of replacing your roof. Whether it's from storm, wind, hail or water damage, we can replace your entire roof with skilled craftsmanship and friendly customer service.  

For Professional Roof Replacement Services in Gainesville, GA or Surrounding areas, Contact Chapman Roofing Company today!

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