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Chapman Roofing Company provides free residential and commercial roofing inspections and exterior services inspections for gutters and siding in Gainesville, GA and surrounding communities. By providing you with outstanding customer service, we hope you come to enjoy exceptional service that is simply unmatched anywhere else!

The local team at CRC has the necessary skill and training to handle any roofing, gutter or siding job in Gainesville, GA and Metro Atlanta. Just let us know the type of service you need and give us a few details about your home or business and schedule your inspection with us today!

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How Our Free Inspections Work

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Step 1: Structural Inspection

Chapman Roofing Company will arrive promptly for your inspection appointment. We will first perform a structural inspection. The structural inspection doesn’t focus on finding damaged parts of a roof or missing roofing materials but instead examines the well-being of the main components of the roofing system. We can also check the integrity of your gutters and siding as well. 

While our inspector is on you roof, we will also look at the condition of your soffit, fascia, and gutters. If you have any skylights, chimneys, or vents, we’ll check the grout, seals, and exterior for any signs of damage to these systems. For a free  roof, gutter or siding inspection in Gainesville, GA or Metro Atlanta, Contact Chapman Roofing Company today!

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Step 2: Material Inspection

The material portion of the inspection will focus on the roofing materials, including shingles, metal plates, as well as gutters or siding materials. Our inspector will examine them thoroughly for any damage, missing materials, or staining from rust, moss, rot or storm damage. The material inspection also includes checking the flashing underneath the roofing, checking for any clogs or leaking gutters or rotting, cracked siding material. 

For a FREE residential or Commercial roof, gutter or siding inspection in Gainesville, GA or Metro Atlanta, Contact Chapman Roofing Company today!

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Step 3: Interior Inspection

The interior portion of the roof inspection will address any signs of damage to the roof that aren’t visible from the exterior. Our Inspector will check ceilings, attics, and even walls throughout the inside of the home. The signs will typically include the following: Water stains, Wood rot, Mold, Holes in the walls or ceilings, Beams of light coming into the attic from the ceiling, Pests in the attic. After we complete this portion of the inspection, we will report our findings to you and suggest any repairs or replacements that are needed.

For a FREE roof, gutter or siding inspection in Gainesville, GA or Surrounding areas, Contact Chapman Roofing Company today!

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